That race was literally shit

This past weekend I ran my first 5K of the season: it was figuratively shit. I think I finally realised that I just do not thrive with that distance. I don’t get into my groove until mile 3. The first two miles are wrought with passing and being passed, the ambivalent psychology of racing, and trying to find my pace. By the time I have it all smoothed out, the race is over!

My lil bro ran it with me (he’s 18, and not so lil anymore) and he told me these fantastic jokes about the misuse of the word “literally.” I found a great article on it, which may or may not have been the source of his knowledge. I do not think it was, I think he got his material from some stand-up comedian or another.


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Spring, part 2

Today is the last day of spring break. I didn’t do anything productive and I deserve all the crap that’s about to fall on me in the next two weeks. I enjoyed every second of my break, though! Run, read, sleep, eat, repeat. That was my week!

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Welcome to Cocoon Rampage

After fighting the good fight, I have finally submit to going to med-school. This year I plan to run my first marathon, improve my short game, state of mind, and ability to make small talk. read more...

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