I have to admit, I am no good at this Internet thing, and I have no idea why Internet should be capitalized. Nevertheless, I feel that it is very important and has potential to be the single most influential invention (discovery?) of the 21st century. And so, despite my discomfort with and apprehension toward the idea of this sort of publicity, I have decided to embrace it. The Internet is the way of the future. But you knew that already.

I’m set to graduate this spring, and was as aimless as a lost history major could be. (Anyone seen Avenue Q? “What do you do with a B.A. in English?”) Well, some of my peers jumped at law school and some are going into teaching. Others are getting high-paying jobs doing who-knows-what. But there really aren’t any jobs for plain ol’ history majors like myself. The solution? Grad school. Unfortunately, I’m really bad at history. You might think that being a history major is cake but I will let you know that that is not so. I’m really not… what’s the word… perceptive? nuanced? creative? enough to be a good historian. Not to mention I’m a wee bit tired of it.

There were other options: traveling, vocational grad school (i.e. for journalism or law), getting a boring office job, moving across the country and waiting tables. But none of these felt right. It felt like I was only trying to put off the inevitable: med school.

It’s a family thing.  My dad started out wanting to be an archaeologist. My aunt majored in English and Philosophy, and my uncle has a masters degree in Parks and Recreation Administration–and they are all doctors.  My mom is an artist, but even she had considered medicine. In short: we’re all a lot alike.

However I have this strange thing where I can only plan one or two years ahead. I couldn’t start out a squeaky-clean, wide-eyed freshman and decide to go to medical school, I could only go to college. I hate to say that this time has been invaluable because it allowed me to “find myself,” because it sure wasn’t a cheap catalyst for such findings, but really that is all I can say. I learned a lot, of course, too. Mostly about history and religion, but also about people and the Meaning of Life.

What I’ve had, then, is a classic liberal arts education. This used to be normal before undergraduate professional-type schools started popping up left and right (and are now front and center). I’m not meant to become an historian or an expert on world religions. I’m meant to take this knowledge and use it to enhance my life experience in whatever profession I choose. And it is a choice. I thought I might “fall into” some profession, but I haven’t, and so I’m choosing medicine.

Why? Aside from the familial nudge, because I believe in one life. Maybe we are reincarnated, but since I don’t have any proof, I’m forced to conclude that this is it. And so let’s make the most of it. Helping people live their life seems like the most basic and simple thing I can do. I style myself sensitive, open and non-judgemental, and numerous all-nighters and a couple catastrophic flood incidents have shown me that even if I can’t always solve problems, I take a decent stab at them and work pretty well under pressure.

I’m also drawn to what you might call a “healthy lifestyle.” I’m vegetarian 90% of the time (no need to be dogmatic about it) and enjoy physical activity, especially hiking, golfing, playing tennis and running. This fall I plan to run my first marathon! Why not incorporate these interests into a profession that embraces them as well?

I hope you enjoy Cocoon Rampage. Feel free to comment as you please or shoot me an e-mail.



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